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Are Business Cards Dead?

A lot of folks wonder if business cards are still relevant in this Digital day and age. 

Think back to the last time you exchanged business cards with someone. It probably wasn't that long ago. Business Cards are not necessarily used for exchanging contact details, but they have become an extension of your brand. 

1. A Business Card is the First Impression of your Brand. 

In face-to-face meetings or interviews, a business card is the first touch point that reflects your brand. They are the visual and tactile representations of your company. Business Cards helps distinguish your brand from competitors. A unique business card does a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number.

2. Creative Business Cards becomes a Great Conversation Starter.

A unique and creative business cards almost always go unnoticed. I am telling you this through our own personal experiences as well as our client experiences. Whenever we give out our business cards, they always act as a conversation starter and it is a great way to build the connection.

(GIF from American Psycho | Source - GIPHY)

(GIF from American Psycho | Source - GIPHY)

3. An "Out-of-the-Box" Business Card gets shared, further marketing your Brand.

A Business Card is a physical piece of your brand that stays with your client. If your Business Card stands out, your clients are more likely to show it to other people. How often do you think that happens if you were just another contact on their phone? 

We are often asked this question -- how did Raizuli end up where it is right now, specializing in luxury stationery?

For The Raizuli, Business Cards alone have been the foundation of our core business.

Here's a little story about The Raizuli - 

When we started The Raizuli, Johnny and I always wanted everything about our business to be unique and creative. In our early days, when Johnny designed the first version of our business cards - we knew we didn't just want to go with the usual options that are available in the market. So after putting a bulk of hours into the research - we learned a lot about the paper, the industry jargons and the different print techniques. So after talking to a lot of people and going through a few rounds of trial and error, we finally had the business cards that we fell in love with.

Long story short, whenever we used to visit any trade shows or events, we would always look for opportunities to drop these business cards wherever possible. People who saw them, loved them.  We started to get inquiries from people seeking to get creative business cards that stand out. We have been working with some of those clients even to this day, and many of them referred us to their contacts which eventually brought us even more business.

Spending on a unique business card is not an expense but rather an investment. Want One?
— The Raizuli


Watch out this space for upcoming project photographs and inspiration.