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Luxury wedding invitations

It's your Special day, and it better create a good first impression. 


If you believe that wedding invitations aren't that important and that people are going to throw it anyway, then probably you are right. People will toss away the invitations that are crappy and they look like even the bride and the groom don't care about it.

Think about it, wedding invitations create first impression of the happy couple and their personality. It is like a window into the future. It elicits happy emotions. 

Invitations are one of the most important parts of planning a wedding as they set the tone of what guests could look forward to on the big day. A beautiful invitation that's well-designed and crafted, doesn't have to be expensive. It should just be well thought out and should be an accurate reflection of your wedding day.


If you have ever received an invitation and you were able to envision the wedding day just by holding them open in your hand, then you know that bride and groom have done a good job!

Imagine receiving an invitation suite - finely crafted envelope concealed with a wax seal and as you carefully open it, you find a beautifully engraved invitation card made from a hand made cotton stock produced with perfection and the event details laid out in the finest typography and wrapped with hand-tied satin ribbon. Would you feel special to have received such an invitation? Would you be excited about the event? You bet!



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Few Words from The Raizuli 

As Stationers that primarily specialize in Business Cards and Wedding Cards - the two essential stationary items that require the highest level of creativity and attention, we have perfected the art of producing finely crafted Wedding Invitations. 

Through the years of experimenting with different materials & paper types, using a combination of different print techniques, and after going through lots of trials and errors, we have learned, and we know the sweet spot. In most cases, we know what works and what doesn't.

Having said that, it is also important to realize that we work with custom requirements on every single project and each of them brings along a set of unique challenges with them. Without the attitude of learning, risk taking and experimenting, we wouldn't have been able to offer our clients with the widest array of choices that we do now.

We have also been blessed to have an opportunity to work with the most creative clients who understand these risks and are not afraid to experiment with "out-of-box" ideas. 

If you are bold & creative enough and have ideas for your invitation, we would love to hear from you or even if you are a person with attention to detail and would love to have a finely crafted custom Invitation set at an affordable cost, then get in touch with us. We would enjoy helping you make your Big Day Special.