The up and coming Desmo Records will be launching their first album with Deep Crates and ABSOLUT, a modern infused variation of traditional Argentinean and Uruguayan folk music with remixes by some of the finest producers around the world including Mark Farina, Up Bustle and Out, Mo’Horizons, Jon Kennedy, The Orb, etc.

This is something new and exciting for Dubai no doubt. You probably won’t, actually, you WILL NOT, find anything like the tight music you’re going to hear from the new A L.A.S. album launch this Thursday.
It’s absolutely mind blowing because on one hand you have those really traditional sounds and real instruments but the next layer are these subtle house/ electronic beats that just give the tracks this really modern and fresh feel. It makes you feel like you’re gonna have a new partying experience: not that same old heavy stuff.

In addition, there will be sick art inspired by the songs in A L.A.S. on display around Casa Latina throughout the night.We also have an exclusive interview with Adriano Konialidis, founder of Desmo Records and producer of A L.A.S.

As a producer, what kind of projects are you drawn to?
When I was based in London, I produced a lot of folksy singer/songwriters. I tend to gravitate towards projects with an organic and raw sound. But at the same time, I sometimes integrate the organic sound with touches of house, chillwave and ambiance. The truth is, my passion lies with recording bands and musicians. I love recording live music and being able to connect with it on that organic level.

Who would be the ultimate producers to work with?
Actually, all the producers that worked on this album would make that list! Mark Farina, Up Bustle and Out, Mo’Horizons, Jon Kennedy, The Orb, Stimming and others!

How did you get A L.A.S. together?
I came across this south american folk and tango band playing in a restaurant last year and what started out as just sampling became a demo recording and then just grew into the bigger project that it is today!

Where will A L.A.S. be available?
It will be available in Virgin Megastores in Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain and in the United States, in Chicago with Groove Distribution and soon in the U.K.

How are you feeling about the launch?
I’m very excited - Dubai has the space for projects like these. Infact there should be so many more projects like this coming to light.

Thanks, Adriano! See you at the launch.

You really should schedule this in for Thursday night - Casa Latina at 10 pm - you’re not gonna get fresher than this album launch. There’s also wine on the house for the ladies till midnight. :O Vamanos! RSVP here: