Aya Atoui is intimidating.
Artistically intimidating.

As a person, she is incredibly humble and self effacing making her work even more intriguing as one tries to match her visceral photography to her somewhat timid personality. But let’s not be shmoozers here, when comparing an artist to her work, it’s easier to gush about the person and assume that it reflects on the art itself. In some ways it does, but if either stood alone, they would both inspire in their own, subtle ways.

Unfortunately we were not in the bidding race for her incredible work at the Art Bank Dubai launch but if we had been, it would include some quick paddle-flick wrist action.

The Art Bank’s online store will be opening soon and you will be able to purchase some of her prints for (in our opinion) incredibly affordable prices. Foufou on a budget - score. Art Bank is a new initiative to help you get over the idea that you have to spend an arm and a leg in order to be close to beautiful things. http://quintster.com/artbank#/prints/aya-atoui/

You can find some of Aya’s other work here as well: http://ayaatoui.tumblr.com/

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