Bad Girls by M.I.A. is tha shit. Actually everything is - we’ll be talking about her more in the next few weeks.
This is the BEST music video we’ve seen in a while. Hands down. The stunts, the Khandora Crew, the party vibe - we dig it ALL.
This is a sick track for two reasons: the lyrics are plain dirty. Along with that tenor-infused voice, we can’t help but feel like bad-asses.
The second, and more important, is that she reminds us of why this is a cool part of the world to live in. The Arab world is going through tough times. The rest of the world only sees this place as dangerous, unfriendly and hostile. Tough times or not, there’s something about the desert that is bloody beautiful - so thanks Romain Gavras!
This goes out to all our GCC and expat brothas and sistas: it’s our homeland!