Birate Boat (Badness)

The play on the endearing P-B phoneme mixup by our Arabic speaking brothas and also an excuse to sound like a douchebag whilst reading out “BIRATE BOAT BARTY”
Bad joke? Whateva.

The Quint party hosted by Deep Crates Cartel was definitley the place we wanted to be on a Friday night! And while that sounds like PR shmooze, we actually mean it. Reggae vibed and phat beats, the evening was awash with deceivingly cheap drinks and good looking, ass-shaking people who weren’t even breaking a sweat after 6 hours.
Life is not so tough when you’re cruising(literally) in DXB, have a double whiskey in hand and are being presided over by the Deep Crates Cartel who always turn the volume up loud enough to stop yourself worrying about that 8am alarm. It was a drum-tight vibe, hella enjoyed it.
Looking forward to the next monthly BBB, Quint!