Frankie Rose is what's up.

Frankie Rose , the former drummer for Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts has released her second solo album, Interstellar and is one of the Raizuli’s favorite albums of the month. We believe you will love it and here’s why. It is a wonderfully mastered album, and sonically pitch perfect. She has moved far away from the garage band sound of her former bands and gives us a lush, synth blanket of sound in which to put some headphones on and get lost in. Her voice itself works as a multilayered poly-frankie-synth if you will.

No, it’s not the overly enthusiastic Panda Bear harmonies, nor is it Dirty Projectors-polyrhythm-all-over-you-face harmonies. It’s guitar/synth pop in it’s purest unadulterated form. The album has wonderful contrast between the dreamy and pound-on-the-steering-wheel-with-enthusiasm tracks. The opening track, “Interstellar” is a perfect example of this contrast rolled into one song and is a perfect introduction to what you can expect in the tracks which follow. Our recommendation is to get the whole album. It’s the kind of album you won’t grow sick of anytime soon. Preview the album in it’s entirety in our Frankie Rose playlist below!