LISTEN UP. Cuz I'm gonna put you onto something good.

First take note of the following:

1. This post is not about some random waste of time new asshole hipster band.
2. This is music made by a 5 piece electronic band—NOT some bro + computer + female vocalist friend.
3. It is important that you watch any and all live performances of this band on Youtube in order to understand.
4. Hundred Waters is Generation Y’s answer to Stereolab.
5. Because this blog is awesome, you can listen to Hundred Waters’ entire LP here (see bottom of post).

Where does musicianship, performance and collaboration come into the mix in the age of computer music; where arpeggios and poly-rhythmic synchronicity occur at the click of a button? Where it takes one to tango; a full band a redundant feature albeit a worthy prop when playing the Tonight Show? Que Hundred Waters , a band that has as vast a soundscape as you can achieve with 5 electronic artists, and a performance dimension that satiates my need to witness live, raw musical talent and sensitive collaboration, all of which culminates in a brilliant, on-par-with-Sufjan/Fever Ray-level-of-sound, a fantastic live act and an album with sonic longevity—not soon to leave my iPod.

If you haven’t clicked on the live show video yet you may start with their one and only (brilliant) music video so far made by artist bro, Martin Allais, which I was alerted to through Hundred Waters’ facebook post on Wednesday. The song Thistle is also the feature of their new EP which is basically a bunch of pretty cool remixes of the song. I am diggin the Star Slinger and TOKIMONSTA remixes.

Stop Motion videos/films/music videos have have an artsy resurgence in the last 5 years or so according to le hipster-cycles-of-life. I remember there was a time when if you typed stop-motion animation in youtube, a little animated film of a lamp I made for some media production class would appear in the results titled, “my first attempt at stop-motion animation“—like i was a hero. As well as this, 500+ hits on a video in those days was boss. I had said boss status, and that was incredibly short lived. Today that video is lost in the mix of thousands of such videos.

Stop-motion animation is not hard to do, but good stop-motion animation is hard to do. It requires a bum load of patience, but more-so (as you will see in this music video) creativity. And Mr Allais, props to you. This music video is pure art. C’est Brilliant.