I’m not a skaterboy, but I have a lot of skater friends and I want to say this. I love the skate culture and I really admire what you guys do. Despite the dexterity that is demanded of you, you have no problem burnin’ one down before you hit the streets, weavin around pedestrians with noise cancelling headphones plugged in. The best part is, almost every skater I know has great taste in music (the weed must have something to do with this), and a damn good sense of style. Some of my closest friends to this day are skaters. You guys (and girls) know who you are. And I love you all dearly. Now about this video, some of you may already know that Animal Collective member Panda Bear is coming out with his long awaited LP Tomboy on April 19. For those of you who didn’t know, now you do. If past experience serves us well, i’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a damn good album. So buy the album on 4/19, and burn a fat one on 4/20 and listen to it. For the MP3 for the above vid, go here to download. I’m not sure if this track is gonna be on the new LP or not but it’s great all the same.