Ready to Party: Deep Crates @ Casa Latina

It’s been all over our everything: please humour us.
We love our music: the beats, the synths, the riddims.
Finding a group of people that love the same thing is…a feeling we don’t need to describe to you expats. You all know how it goes here - hustling day in and out and then MORE hustling on the weekend. Yeah that’s right, you know what we’re on about.
In transient Dubai, where there are guest lists and facecards, we find Deep Crates more to be like catching up with friends on a Thursday night after a long week but at the same time an earflux of GREAT beats. (Disclaimer: Hiphop, Funk, Breaks, Reggae)

And that’s why we love Deep Crates.
Come find us and say hi!

Join the event here: