Shady Love - Scissor Sisters vs. Krystal Pepsy

A track from the upcoming, ‘Magic Hour’ album, Shady Love sounds like a cross between Ladytron and the Black Eyed Peas (not that the previous two make the Raizuli List). The Scissor Sisters, on the other hand, definitely does

Shady Love is the only single to be released so far from their upcoming album Magic Hour (May 28th) The album also features the track Only the Horses produced by Calvin Harris. The track featured here sounds like the Scissor Sisters have left the discotheque and took the Express Train to Virgin Radio (hah).

NEVERTHELESS, they know not to take themselves too seriously. In any case, as a commercial pop song, it’s not half bad.
As much as we would love to bitch about the hackneyed hooks of pop music - we’re just gonna say…….we like it, just because the Scissor Sisters know how to do it right.
(so many innuendos in here)