@Terra Incognita

The Raizuli was at The Mojo Gallery at Alserkal Avenue yesterday and enjoyed meeting the artists behind Terra Incognita themselves, Binu Bhaskar and Alex da Silva.
Engaging and vivacious, the pieces scream creativity and go past the bourgeois stereotype of art existing for the sake of art.

In the little details do we find this purpose and learn how to appreciate art. For example, Alex da Silva, a native Cape Verdian now settled in the Netherlands, explained his reasons for planning on a transition back to Cape Verde, “his little island”. Cape Verde being an ex-slave port between Africa and the Americas inadvertently became a melting pot of all these cultures that were being transported through there. Alex feels that the purpose for his art and himself as an artist is to give back to where he came from and show the art world that even a small voice such as that of Cape Verde has a compelling message to share.
Art always has purpose past decoration, you see.

The pieces themselves, a mix-media compilation, are stunning in terms of colours, vibrancy and composition.

We are excited for the screening of Binu Bhaskar’s (the photographer) short film screening called, “Road Song” at House 20 at the Art Sikka Fair, Al Bastakiya at 7:00 pm.
You should come down and have a word with these cool guys - it’s not a foufou art thing, believe us.