Terra Incognita: Unmapped Identities @ The Mojo Gallery

We had the golden opportunity to see a fascinating project in the works thanks to Mr. Kurt Blackenberg of Mojo Gallery. Seeing a brief glimpse of the work in progress was reason enough to schedule it in our calendar - exciting stuff.
A mix-media project by photographer, Binu Bhaskar and painter, Alex Da Silva to come up with 12 pieces in 12 days effectively shattering the zen, au naturel process of the art world. Take it from us, no artist likes to be hustled including yours truly - but as third party spectators we get terribly excited at clever exhibit names and the fact that this was a pressure test makes it all the more reason to go.

Join us at Mojo Gallery located at the Al Serkal Avenue Compound on 8th St., Al Quoz from 6pm-10pm fellow Dubaiins.
If you recognize us, come say hi!