This is how other planets would look if they were Earth’s moon.

And if the above were true and jupiter was as close as the moon is the following would occur, “Jupiter weighs almost 25,000 times more than the moon. Massive water tides kilometers high would wipe out large numbers of people initially. Then, tidal flexing of the earth’s crust (100s of meters a day)would cause a massive increase in *volcanism, probably wiping out many of those who are left. The crust will become very hot, exacerbating the next issue. Those who somehow survived the above would find themselves on a world that was growing increasingly hot. Jupiter actually puts out a large amount of thermal radiation, as it is still slowly contracting from the days of its formation. Right now it puts out twice as much energy as it receives from the sun. Moved to earth’s orbit, there’s still going to be a large new source of heating that will drive earth out of its current equilibrium. ** Finally, earth’s rotation will slow down, the energy having gone into heating the earth’s crust and moving its orbit out. The earth would spiral away from Jupiter for the same reasons that the moon is spiraling away from the earth today, only at a much faster pace. Eventually, the earth will be tidally locked to Jupiter, and the tides and volcanism will subside, perhaps to the level of Io now.”