The Traffic Market of Everything at Traffic Gallery

“Over 10 days, between Apr 12 - 21, 2012, THE MARKET OF EVERYTHING at Traffic will be bringing together members of the community looking to buy, sell, trade or donate anything from furniture, books, music, art, food, clothes, toys, cars, pets, instruments and more.”

Right, we’re assuming it’s not a Jum J flea market. We’re hearing of some really great designers, vendors and musicians that are going to be taking part in the Traffic Market of Everything. Not only is it a cool space to check out, but we’re really getting interested in seeing what the artisans have to offer in terms of art, fashion and furnishings! What’s even better, is that they have kids workshops and stuff, and in our opinion, getting your kids involved in this scene in a positive way is great.

As for the Raizuli, we’re going to be there post-7pm to browse the wears with the tunes of DUST and PRISM spinning in the background.

For details of the workshops and happenings,

Deep Crates: James Brown Tribute

This goes out to all the women and men, from New York to London, LA to Tokyo, struggling to keep their self-respect in this climate of misogyny, money worship and mass production of Hip Hop’s illegitimate child, Hip-Pop” – Sarah Jones

This event is about having a good time. Period. It’s not about cover charges, it’s not about expensive drinks, it’s not about the crowd - although the latter inevitably becomes an important attraction factor for this event. What I mean is, you start to feel that family vibe because it’s such a relaxed and music loving crowd. Funk, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Latinbeat, you name it! It’s an event that we put on our weekly go-tos because it’s simply a great way to start the weekend without going hardcore at the end of the week. Hello impromptu Bboy performances and sweet drink deals! What’s more, this Thursday is a James Brown special! Dare I say get funky?



ARTE Soukh by Artisans of the Emirates

A collection of handmade wears from around the UAE - we were at the Festival City event and some of the stuff made us do a double take and incredulously ask why some of the vendors weren’t in a fancy, unapproachable boutique yet! Point is, before they are, there are some amazing things to see and BUY and it’s at Time Square this Friday which is so much more accessible. Especially from Ragmatazz and Lady Mauve.


Lady Mauve


DUST presents Mad Mats (G.A.M.M.)

“After their hugely successful event in collaboration with the Redbull Music Academy, when they hosted Benji B (BBC Radio 1/Deviation) and NIckodemus (Turntables On The Hudson/NYC), DUST are back with Swedish wonder-boy Mad Mats for a Friday the 13th “Slasher Special”.”

We were at the Benji B/Nickdoemus event and it was super fun. Word. We are excited to have a good party to go to this Friday night at The Music Room, Majestic Hotel. It’s AED 60 a pop and given that we enjoyed the last one, we’re not going to kick up a fuss about 60 AED being a pain in the butt to have exact change for. It’s a bit of a journey to Bur Dubai but it beats generic Friday club night. Let’s welcome Sweden!


As we always say, if you like it, share it. The only reason why you do the same old is because someone kept the juicy info to themselves. Have a good one!