Top 10 Best Girl-Guy Duos:

Here’s my list of some of today’s best Girl-Guy duos in todays modern music. If you feel really passionate about a duo not mentioned here, please feel free to comment below. You can listen to songs from all of the artists featured in this article by scrolling to the bottom and hitting play on my very convenient PLAYLIST.

THE KNIFE Just as is the case with BoC, strong friendships are forged when people find a fellow fan of The Knife. Sibling bands are always sweet. And there’s none better than Sweeden’s Karin and Olof Dreijer.

PHANTOGRAM It’s always great when you see a girl and a guy create such a full sound on stage just the two of em. Phantogram is great at delivering electronic music that tastes good on such a wide range of pallets. Their debut album, Eyelid Movies is a must have. They are headlining right now with Com Truise opening for them, and will hopefully be coming out with their sophomore release soon.

BUKE AND GASS Sometime last year Aron Sanchez and Arone Dyer came out with and incredible album called Riposte. This duo is awesome in that all of their instrumentation is homemade, they have a wonderfully full sound and their music is full of compound time signatures, poly-rhythms and class A lyrics.

THE BIRD AND THE BEE A splendid joining of Greg Kurstin (Jazz) and Inara George (Bossa Nova) gives us one of the best girl/guy duos in the business. A mixture of bossa, jazz and electronic riding on Inara’s honey voice is consummated in the amazing Bird and the Bee.

MOLOKO Ok so this is going back in time a little, but not that far back. Although Róisín Murphy and Mark Brydon and broken up, we can always still love their music and Brydon’s brilliant discovery of Róisín Murphy. Moloko was one of the few electronic duo’s that actually made good pop music in the 90’s.

Y▲CHT Portland’s Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans are capable of making some very good electro/synth-pop tunes, those which have the capacity to stand the test of time. And that says a lot for an electronic band.

J*DAVEY Sexy. One word I would use to describe J*Davey (Jack Davey and Brook D’Leau). Their music has a little bit of electro, funk, hip-hop, sex and R&B. Here’s a good girl/guy collaboration for sure.

SLEIGH BELLS Their debut album, Treats was very well received in 2010. Many like Sleigh Bells for their raw, heavy hard hitting, distortion driven music.

CRYSTAL CASTLES These young Canadians are great. They bring a pretty unique sound to the table, and deserve a spot on this list.

THE WHITE STRIPES Well, it’s the White Stripes. And before the White Stripes the modern mainstream listeners had forgotten how powerful (and appealing) the simple but beautiful combination of just girl and guy could be to music.

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