A new RADIOHEAD album is an event for many a fan. Some of us had heard about the release of The King of Limbs to be this Saturday, the 19th. As I was driving to the Global Village in Dubai last night, I noticed we had a big bloody full moon low in the sky, and I thought to my self, “Radiohead’s new album is to be released in a matter of hours. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.” Go figure that Radiohead would then as if on a whim decide to release the album a day early, with a post on their website saying, “It’s Friday… It’s almost the weekend…It’s a full moon….You can download ‘The King of Limbs’ now if you so wish!” OMG is literally all that went through my head when I read that, and headed straight to the download link to get my self the £9.00 WAV copy of the album.

I noticed that Rolling Stone in their hasty race to review already gave a track by track breakdown of the album. But those assholes can keep their premature review, because having personally listened to the album 5 times through so far, I can honestly say that the album keeps unfolding, and a proper track by track breakdown can only take place after listening and re-listening over a period of time.

The King of Limbs makes it a nice even 8, as their 8th studio album for you to add to your collection, also consisting of 8 tracks on the album itself. You can buy it here. Also check out the only video from the album so far, which is track 5’s, Lotus Flower here, which features a solo Thom Yorke in an epileptic dance fit. The song I have featured above is the album’s opening track, Bloom.