Blues is right. Because that’s what I felt when I first heard THE STREETS final album released February 7 earlier this month. I try and stay away from playing the role of a critic, and prefer writing my articles from the perspective of a fan, which is why I had no desire to review Computers and Blues. I would have preferred Mike Skinner to quit while he was ahead instead of trying to venture into territory he was not too strong in, namely funk and soul. You can preview the entire album on the Guardian here. Overall, fan reviews show disappointment. And NME must have been smoking crack when they gave the album an 8/10. The album is no Original Pirate Material, or A Grand Don’t Come for Free, and it’s not that I’m only comparing this album to their first two albums, but even in a general sense it’s a dissapointment. 2004’s Fit But You Know it, might be The Streets biggest single. It’s the kind of witty/funny track that most folk would love The Streets for. There is also Dry Your Eyes Mate from the same year, the somber but poignant track about a break up, that resonates with anyone who’s experienced heartbreak. Computers and Blues is neither here nor there. Musically it lacks in heaviness. The soulful choruses just don’t work. And the “new to Skinner, funky elements” would be better replaced by some hard dub or hip-hop. Nonetheless, I write this article because there is yet hope for Mike Skinner, who has just announced his plans to create a remix Computers and Blues album under the alias, The Death of Marat. He has released one remix track so far for the track OMG, and it’s not half bad. Check it out below. In fact it’s better than the original! With that in mind, The Death of Marat remix album could be Skinner’s saving grace. Mr. Skinner, I really like you. You take yourself far too seriously in your latest album, but I suppose you have earned such an indulgence. Whatever. I’m just glad you are doing this remix album. Perhaps what the album needed all along was some darker, heavier elements; some hard hitting dub step to match the nature of the albums’ lyrical tone. We know it will be good. Your fans are rooting for you. And I would just like something worth writing about. The Streets - OMG (Remix By Death Of Marat) by The Raizuli